You never quite know what to expect at some of the product debuts.  You find fascinating gadgets, products that make you say “I could really use that” and then there are the ones that you just say “what is that?” Some of them may become major sellers to consumers while others will never be seen again.  Here is a look at some unique displays at the 2013 CES.

The Hapilabs’ Digital Fork

This item is designed on the concept that if you eat slower, you will eat less. Therefore, it limits you to when you can take your next bite. If you try to take a bite before it’s time, the fork vibrates to let you know you need to slow down.

TrakDot Luggage Locator

This handy little device goes in your luggage and is connected to an app that you can download onto your smartphone to tell you where your luggage is at.  It also provides an alert once the bag has been put on the carousel so you don’t stand there looking for it until it is ready to be picked up.  The tracker shuts off when it’s airborne to prevent interference.  Now you will always know where your luggage is.

The Most Unusual Gadgets at CES 2013

BodyMedia FIT Armband

This device sticks on your arm for seven days to track your activity. After the seven days are up, you can open it up to plug into a USB port and download the information.  This allows you to see calories burned, exercise duration and intensity to give you important data before beginning an exercise program or for other information.

The Most Unusual Gadgets at CES 2013

Besides these interesting and unusual gadgets, there was an oven that allowed you to surf the internet and find recipes while you were cooking, unique smartphone covers, and many other items to awe the average person.  Now we just have to wait and see which ones make it to the consumer.

[Images via mediabistro & nediaplayer]