When looking for something exciting and fresh in the world of Linux distributions, it can be easy to focus on the same names over and over again.  However, a recently released update has made one name stand out from the crowd. The newest updates to ROSA Linux comes with new attractions, that will interest both business users and developers. ROSA Linux is made by ROSA Labs, a Russian company. ROSA Linux is a free and open source distribution with a customized KDE desktop.  It is user friendly, with multiple modifications that allow for ease of use.

Rosa Linux 2012


Business users may find most interesting the version of ROSA Linux released last May.  Called ROSA Marathon 2012, it offers all of the components that the standard business user would typically need. According to the company’s website, the user will have a “ready workplace with no need to install office suite, graphic editor, anti-virus software, media players, ICQ-like clients, dictionaries and other basic software…”  Moreover, long term technical support is also offered by ROSA Marathon 2012.  The product is offered in two editions.  The free edition includes free software only, whereas the Extended Edition also comes with non-free components and proprietary software.

The December release of ROSA Linux, called ROSA Desktop.Fresh 2012, is geared towards those Linux enthusiasts who want something new and experimental.  The company states that ROSA Desktop.Fresh 2012 is “an area for experiments with the freshest software components.” This release is perhaps not suited for those who are new to Linux, but rather for those who are already familiar with Linux components.  ROSA Fresh is a non-commercial product and as such, is distributed free of charge.

Both versions are compatible with a wide range of hardware, and available in multiple major languages. Additionally, both versions are compliant with the Linux Standards BASE, which is important for those users who would like to launch LSB-compliant applications.

[Image via rosalab]