Applications will be accepted soon to Google’s Summer of Code program.  College students around the world often use the summer break as time to find ways to bolster their resumes and gain real world experience.  Google is once again providing students with this experience, through their Summer of Code program.  This will be Google’s ninth edition of the competitive mentoring program.

Google Summer of Code 2013

Mentors need to start thinking about preparing their applications if they want to be involved in this year’s program. The date for potential mentoring organizations to begin submitting ideas for projects is on March 18.  The deadline for applications from mentoring organizations is on March 29.

For students interested in the program, on April 22, 2013, Google will begin accepting applications from those who would like to get into the prestigious program. Essentially, Google partners capable students with mentoring organizations from all over the world.  Google has worked with 6,000 students from more than 100 countries.  They have also worked with over 3,000 mentors.

For students, the program is intended to be an introduction into the world of open source projects and software.  Students are provided a stipend of $5,500 from Google.  However, they only receive the full amount upon completion of the program, and only then after their project passes a final examination by Google. According to a blog post from Google’s Carole Smith, the purpose of the Summer of Code program “is to help students pursue academic challenges over the summer break while they create and release open source code for the benefit of all.”

For mentors, it’s an opportunity to find the best and the brightest students that can help them further their own goals.  Mentors also receive a small portion of the stipend.  It’s clear that Summer of Code is a program that is meant to  truly benefit everyone.

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