Fireproof Games is the creator of the Room, a mind-bending, HD puzzle game for the iPad 2. The original game designed for the iPad was named Apple’s iPad Game of the year for 2012, and with good reason.  Players’ assessments of this game are nothing but positive, earning and average of 5 stars from nearly 100,000 reviews.

The new version of The Room, playable on the iPad 2 for just $1.99, has had updated language enhancements including French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese. This version also now makes complete use of iPad 2’s stunning Retina display and includes extra hints for trouble spots within the game.

Game play

The game starts at a door, which you open to find a room with a safe. With your manipulations the safe and other objects in the room will respond by turning where you guide them for better viewing. The game does have a storyline, yet many players claim that the story is far from the most interesting aspect of the game. Basically, the safe contains something powerful and secretive, and you must open it. By looking around the three-dimensional room and looking at objects from every angle you will find letters, keys and all types of clues. As you progress you will be prompted to solve challenging, yet not impossible, puzzles.

The Room: Popular iPad Game Gets 5 Stars

In addition to the captivating puzzles and intriguing mystery of the game, the graphics of the 3D room, safe and objects are darkly beautiful and are enhanced even further by the slightly eerie music and sound effects of the game.

The even more portable version

Already hooked? Now you can really take this game anywhere with The Room Pocket. The best part is that The Room Pocket is a free to try app thru iTunes. However, due to the serious graphics requirements, the pocket version is only compatible with iPod Touch 5th Generation and with iPhone 4S or newer, and will not work with and older iPod or iPhone.

[Images via ultralinx & iappdevice]