With the advent of Siri came an onslaught of attempts by other applications to replicate Siri’s success.  Luckily for Android users, there is a promising new voice controlled personal assistant that may be able to give Siri some serious competition.  Not simply content to be a Siri clone, Utter is extremely functional and fast.  The new Utter app allows for device based commands to be performed without the need for a data connection.

Forget Siri: Android's New Utter App is Awesome

Video demonstration of the product in action reveals that the app’s voice recognition is both accurate and fast. Utter is intended to work so quickly that it can replace manual implementation of your device. Utter runs in the background of your device.  Additionally, it doesn’t draw heavily upon your phone’s resources. One great feature is that users will not have to open up separate applications in order to execute voice commands.  Users can choose the method by which to initiate a command, including shaking the device, waving, or simply pressing a button.  Utter responds to the user voice command without interrupting whatever else you are doing in the device.  Without a separate user-interface, the functions of Utter are available anywhere, anytime.

Utter promises to be able execute voice commands in under one second.  The BETA release of Utter is providing Android users with the ability to get involved in the testing stage.  Initial testers had reported some bugs that needed to be worked out. It was reported that some users were getting force closes when the application starts or on device boot, particularly when the device is on silent or vibrate. Also, weather and time was not provided accurately for the United States. However, as the product is only in BETA,  initial fixes were provided with more permanent fixes promised to be on the way. Utter also provides a complete user guide for those who want more information.

[Image via droid-life]