Smartphones now have a vast array of apps from entertainment and information to the contact of services in case of an emergency.  But, your Smartphone is worthless if it is not charged and you have no electricity available to recharge  it.

Features of the SOS Ready Charger

A company called SOS Ready has created a small, pocket size portable charger for just such emergencies.  The device has a small, internal generator that can charge a  1,500 mAh Lithium Polymer battery that can give most phones a 5 to 12 minute talk time.  It also has an LED indicator to let you know when the unit is fully charged.  Simply by turning the crank handle, a small current feeds a USB port that connects to your phone to bring it back to life.  The unit can also be recharged by plugging it into an electrical outlet.

SOS Ready Charger Keeps Your Phones Charged When You Need Them

This device may be lifesaving in the event of a natural disaster, car trouble on a remote road, or lost on a hike or hunting.

Donations and Production

Although this device is currently in the demo stage, mass product is expected to begin as soon as investors can create enough capital to begin mass production. SOS Ready is utilizing a grassroots effort in generating a money for production from individual financial donors.  People who give larger donation will get a handheld charger in before they are available to the general public and at a discounted price.  More information on the fundraising effort can be found on

SOS Ready Charger Keeps Your Phones Charged When You Need Them

Other SOS Ready products

The Seattle-based SOS Ready company has already established a number of disaster preparedness products that include survival gear, emergency food and water kits, radio & communication equipment, and solar powered flashlights.

The company had also created a hand held portable generator, and a based battery charger for many of the traditional and older cell phones.  But with the evolution, popularity and availability of Smartphones has created a need for an emergency charger in disaster or survival situations.  And this device could be one of the most necessary and beneficial pieces of survival equipment you could own.

[Images via sosready]