Google has unveiled the new beta version of its popular Chrome browser. The new update is available for both desktop and mobile browsers.

Adding to the company’s move towards more capable HTML5 output the new beta Chrome version features HTML5 data and time input forms. The new version also arrives with DevTools updates and the ability for Chrome Packaged Apps to use the Sync Filesystem API for offline storage.

Also added into the mix is support for live audio input through use of the Web Audio API, a new feature Google has been pushing.

For users who are always seeking faster web service the new Google Chrome beta version is also claiming a five percent faster content load.

Google's Chrome Beta Update Offers Dev Improvements And Speed Updates

To create a faster system Google claims to have become “more aggressive about using an idle connection and demoting the priority of preloaded resources so that they don’t interfere with critical assets.”

While users in early testing have not experienced any perceivable increase in page load times, physical benchmarking did demonstrate a two percent gain compared to the latest full release of Google Chrome.

Mac OS users appear to have the faster option available to them with a four percent benchmark gain. Even with the faster benchmark on the Mac OS version of Chrome Beta was unrecognizable to the human eye.

Improving the quality of pageload times while incorporating new HTML5 and API standards is an important step for Google. The company’s web browser is based off the WebKit platform which is also used by many of its competitors. The team at Opera also announced plans recently to ditch its own homegrown platform for the WebKit standard.

Give the brand Google Chrome Beta a try and let us know if you recognize any changes in speed or other perceivable differences in performance.

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