Mobile malware increased by 163% in 2012 with 32.8 million Android devices now suspected of carrying some form of data mining technology.

The team at mobile service provider NQ Mobile released a study on Monday that found 65,000 different forms of app repackaging, SMS phishing, and malicious URL hacks.

The study discovered that 95% of all mobile malware attacks were aimed to the Google Android OS.

Mobile Malware Now Affects 32.8 Million Android Devices

Researchers believe the number of attacks will once again drastically increase in 2013 as new forms of malware are being discovered on a daily basis. The team at NQ Mobile has even discovered one malware attack that infected a users PC when their phone was plugged in via a USB connection.

NQ Mobile notes that 32.8 million Android infections is an increase of more than 200% since 2011.

With nearly 800 million Google Android devices expected to be activated by the end of 2013 the number of infections is likely to be much higher.

While the United States is one of the largest Android markets it is responsible for just 9.8 percent of infected devices. In comparison China owns 25.5 percent of the Malware market while India controls 19.4 percent and Russia owns 17.9 percent.

As more mobile users take to their portable devices we can expect to see an increase in the number of mobile malware products.

Google Android is most often targeted because fragmentation can lead to older Android versions remaining on the market for longer periods of time. Because newer OS versions offer security fixes they are more well equipped to deal with various attack types.

Android devices are also left susceptible because customers can download unauthorized applications from outside of the Google Play store. Researchers have found an increasing number of malicious code types on third party apps.

Are you worried about the state of mobile attacks and the lack of security that mobile devices still provide to customers?

Android Global Infection Rates

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