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Kaspersky Claims Microsoft Antivirus Practices Are Anti-Competitive
Eugene Kaspersky, the founder of cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs has accused Microsoft of deliberately making it difficult for independent 3rd party anti-virus companies to compete. In a blog post entitled, “Enough is Enough,” Kaspersky says that Microsoft is abusing its dominant position in the market, and is using business... Read more
In With The Old: Macro-Based Malware Is Back
As if IT guys and cybersecurity pros didn’t have enough to worry about, some of the old tactics for spreading malicious software are back, taking tech users by surprise in the process. Macro-based malware, which was pretty much abandoned after word got out that it was a known virus... Read more
Stolen NSA Files Put Up for Auction By Hackers
A hacker collective known as the Shadow Brokers are holding a Bitcoin auction to ransom off a collection of malware files stolen from the US National Security Agency. The hackers say they will give the malicious files to the highest bidder, whoever they may be. According to experts, the... Read more
40% Of Businesses Targeted By Ransomware Alone
Ransomware is currently on track to become the most prevalent form of malware affecting business, with almost 40 percent of businesses experiencing a ransomware attack last year alone. According to a report by security firm, Malwarebytes, which surveyed 500 companies in four countries, their research found that one-third of targeted... Read more
HTTPoxy: 15-Year-Old Security Flaw Is Back To Menace Websites Again  
Although really it never actually went anywhere because most people never fixed it because they didn’t know it was a problem… HTTPoxy; this time its war. Well, maybe not. But it does sound like one of the most unlikely sequels in history, and if it was a movie, it... Read more
HummingBad Malware Infects Over 10M Android Devices
In the world of malware, there’s some tricky games afoot. But a new malware called HummingBad is so bad that it’s almost a genius move by its developers. Chinese ad tracking and business firm Yingmob has a legitimate business informing advertisers of how their efforts are resonating with consumers,... Read more
Critical Flaws In Symantec Security Tools Expose Millions Of Computers To Hacking
A top level Google security researcher has found a series of critical vulnerabilities in most of Symantec’s enterprise and consumer products, that were, apparently, ridiculously easy to exploit by hackers. Symantec, which patched the eight security flaws discovered said: “Fixes are currently in place, and updates are now available... Read more
Microsoft Shells Out $10000 For Unwanted Windows 10 Upgrade
Microsoft has found itself in the position of paying a California woman $10,000 compensation over an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade, that left her computer unusable. Teri Goldstein took Microsoft to court after she said her Windows 7 computer automatically started updating itself to Windows 10… without her permission. The... Read more
Even Facebook CEO’s cover their webcams….
If even the Facebook CEO covers his webcam with tapes, shouldn’t we all be doing it? When Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo earlier this week to mark Instagram’s 500th million user milestone, he probably didn’t imagine that what was going on in the background would garner more... Read more
50 Arrests Made As $25 Million Russian Hacker Gang Caught
A Russian Hacker gang that used advanced malware that security software struggled to detect to gain access to its victims bank accounts, has been caught and arrested, according to several news reports. In what is believed to be Russia’s largest ever arrest of hackers in one operation, Russian law enforcement... Read more
Laptops Come Preinstalled With Security Vulnerabilities
It’s always a nice feeling to power up a new laptop or notebook for the first time. The machine boots in no time, the desktop isn’t cluttered with 18 months’ worth of stuff, and everything just works.  There’s also that really nice feeling knowing that the laptop is clean... Read more
WhatsApp Gold Offer Is A Scam
The link to download WhatsApp Gold is malware that installs data mining software on your computer or smartphone. WhatsApp is arguably one of the most popular workload streamlining and communication apps, with more than one billion registered users worldwide. And the news earlier this month that WhatsApp was rolling... Read more
AntiVirus Software For Your Smartcar
Does your vehicle need antivirus software? It will soon. It’s hard enough to convince consumers to invest in (and update) antivirus software for their computers, but a hard look by TechCrunch at the potential for harm when it comes to malware infecting your car might make drivers think twice.... Read more
German Nuclear Plant Found To Be Infested With Old Malware
A German nuclear power plant  a mere 75 miles away from the city of Munich was apparently found to be ridden with old malware including file stealing bot-ware and remote access Trojans. The malware was found to be present on the min computer system responsible for monitoring the power... Read more
US and Global News Sites Hit By Advertising Ransomware
A number of major news sites and popular websites saw their onsite advertising hit by a malicious ad hijacking campaign last weekend. If activated, the maliciously appropriated adverts sought to install ransomware on users’ hardware, encrypt their data, and then demand payment via the virtual currency, bitcoin, in order... Read more
Mastermind behind $55 Million Bank Hack Pleads Guilty In US Court
Ercan Findikoglu, the Turkish born bank hacker allegedly behind the theft of millions of dollars has pleaded guilty in a US court, and could now face a jail term of more than fifty years. Between 2010 and 2013 the man is believed to have coordinated three advanced cybercrime campaigns... Read more
Welcome To The MS-DOS Malware Museum
An newly built online archive of old computer malware has managed to attract thousands of visitors since it launched last week. It can be easy to think that serious malware and cybercrime are somehow products of the 21st Century. There’s hardly a week goes by without either me or... Read more
Forbes Asks Online Readers To Disable Ad Blockers Then Hands Out Malware
Ad blocking software usage in the US grew by 48% last year alone. Advertising is an everyday fact of life on the internet, but more and more users are using ad blocking software to evade seeing them at all. From the perspective of a web publisher, you can probably... Read more