Microsoft has had to face criticism like never before because of Windows 8. Even though the company has released some products that flopped in the past, like Windows Vista, the criticism wasn’t as intense as it has been for Windows 8. The sales continue to plod along, having reached 100 million in six months. This puts the operating system at par with Windows 7, the version Windows 8 was intended to replace. At present, it is finding it tough to carve a niche for itself, let alone replace Windows 7.

Microsoft to Roll out Free Windows 8 Update Later This Year

Even the people seem to have rejected Windows 8. There have been numerous instances of people downgrading their PCs from Windows 8 to Windows 7. Needless to say, the backlash has been strong. So, it comes as no surprise that Microsoft is trying to change the situation as much as it can. For this purpose, the company had announced they were going to release a Windows 8 update before the end of the year. Initially titled Windows Blue the update was intended to rectify the problems Windows 8 was receiving criticism for.

Since then, the name for the update has been changed to Windows 8.1. The purpose will remain the same, which is improving the Windows 8 user experience. However, what this does not show is whether the update will actually contribute towards stronger Windows 8 sales. Microsoft further added to the intrigue by announcing recently that they intend to roll out Windows 8.1 as a free update rather than with strings attached. This means there is little chance it would boost the Windows 8 sales.

Microsoft has been trying to project optimism as far as Windows 8 is concerned. The 100 million licenses sold, as an umbrella figure, have contributed immensely towards alleviating some of the doubts. However, some reports are showing that the number of licenses sold doesn’t represent the number of people actually using Windows 8 on their PCs. That number is close to 60 million if the reports are to be believed. This means that Microsoft has been banking its future chances on hope rather than solid performance.

Yet, one cannot help but say that 58 million is a huge number. If that many people are actually using Windows 8, there must be something good about it. As things stand, Windows 8.1 will be available to Windows 8 users as a free update. They simply need to download and install the update to upgrade their version of Windows 8. However, there are no certainties regarding whether people will actually want to download it, even if it is available for free. After all, there are not many changes which are being spoken of before the update is actually revealed.

Microsoft wants to get more people to use Windows 8. That much is clear from the actions the company has taken over the past few months. Providing an update free of cost, and that too Windows 8.1, seems like a desperate measure to get people to use their operating system.

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