At a loss for words when trying to depict what you’re seeing? Imagine if you could show any of your friends what you’re seeing in real time, and almost literally through your own eyes? The PairASight project is the answer to both these questions.

With this system, that can be mounted on headgear such as a pair of glasses, you will no longer have to explain what you see or try to use your laptop or tablet as a camcorder. You will just have to look at it and the person at the other end of the line will see it like you do.

PairASight: See Through Other People’s Eyes

PairASight consists of a two-way audio communication system and multiple cameras that can capture 1080p HD video content. The tiny cameras and the audio communication system can be easily mounted on eye-wear to offer a real first-person view.

The captured audio and video content is streamed wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet and from there, it can be transmitted to anyone anywhere via the Internet, allowing them to see what you’re seeing in real time.

The technology is developed by a Michigan startup and is still in the prototype stage. The system has garnered a lot of praise and interest after being unveiled at the CES in January. It recently won a Technovation award at the recent CE Week in New York.

PairASight creators expect to have the product ready and start selling eyeglasses-mounted versions later this year.

The system can have multiple uses in various fields of activity, from medical diagnostics to automotive repairs and retail. It could also have interesting applications in law enforcement or the military, allowing police or soldiers to record and transmit what they’re dealing with in real time.

What do you think of the PairASight? Would you give it a try and what would you use it for?

[Image via Gizmag]