As the world geared up to tackle the second half of the year, messaging icon Skype had some good news to share with its users: Skype for Android has reached the milestone of 100 million users. To avoid any confusion, that figure refers to the 100 million installs the Android app has received.

Skype has been one of the usual suspects in the world of messaging apps, and while it has not always been available on Android, it has certainly caught on easily. Recently, Skype for Android underwent a revamp, one which involved a complete redesign, according to an official blog post. (Emphasis mine.)

Revamped Skype for Android Gets 100M Installs - So Far

We’ve completely redesigned Skype for Android to be faster and easier – especially when you’re trying to fire off a quick message. Everything is at your fingertips. As soon as you open the app, you’ll notice the clean new look listing your recent conversations – just tap on one to catch up and reply. When you tap or swipe over to the Contacts or Favorites tabs, tapping on a person brings you right into a messaging window so you can start a conversation. And from there video calls, voice calls and everything else are just one tap away.

With mobile messaging apps cropping up like there were no tomorrow, this redesign for Skype for Android was certainly in order. From WhatsApp to imo to WeChat – the space is very quickly getting crowded, and for some consumers, it can be a hassle to keep up with all the new players. Of course, if the new messaging apps offer a better experience than the old ones, there is always a reason to switch. Hence the need for old guards like Skype to keep up with the times.

From the looks of it, Skype is doing a pretty good job of taking the newcomers to school. Here’s the promotional video that has been making the rounds.

[Image via Skype]