A little less than a year ago, I caught wind of an interesting concept called the YotaPhone. While I did call it the phone for (potentially) indecisive individuals, I cannot deny the allure of having two mobile phone screens to work with. After all, the mobile phone serves so many purposes that sometimes, you do not need to use the high-def high-resolution screen. And with the option of having a low-power screen, YotaPhone opens up worlds of possibilities, especially in terms of power consumption.
Guess what? We just might be able to get our hands on it come December!

The YotaPhone has been in the works for longer than a year, and Russian company Yota Devices has not been ultra secretive about its baby. In fact, they have not been shy to send out teasers to the general public. The release of the actual product is another story altogether.

With Yota Devices’s “official” confirmation to TechCrunch, though, it seems that the dual-screen phone will actually get to market.

In spite of the long wait that consumers already have had to deal with, there are still many details that we don’t know about the YotaPhone. What we do know:

  • a dual-core 1.7GHz chipset
  • 2GB of RAM
  • a 4.3-inch 720p screen upfront
  • a 1800mAh battery

Looking at those specs, one might wonder whether the YotaPhone can actually survive in the phone-eat-phone world out there. Then again, there is the secondary e-Ink screen that practically serves as the carrot at the end of the stick. Will it be enough to lure consumers to drop Samsung, Apple, and the other major players?

As for the price – your guess is as good as mine. Here’s one of those teaser videos to whet your appetite even more.

If you want to be one of the first people to use the YotaPhone, make sure you fill out the pre-order form without delay.

[Image via YotaPhone]