Okay, this is just ridiculous. I’ve heard of people getting arrested for some crazy things before, but never have I heard of someone getting arrested for using a power outlet; until now, that is. That is exactly what happened to a father by the name of Kaveh Kamooneh in the town of Chamblee, Georgia.

Mr. Kamooneh was sitting in his electric car waiting on his son to finish his tennis practice at the middle school. While waiting, Mr. Kamooneh noticed that the Nissan Leaf he was driving was running low on power – no problem – all he had to do was plug it into an electrical outlet. This is exactly what he did. 20 minutes after plugging in his car, Mr. Kamooneh noticed a policeman standing at his car. The officer told him that he was going to be charged with theft for the electricity he used. Apparently the county owns the electricity outside of the school. Police later showed up at his house with a warrant and arrested him. As a result, he spent 15 hours in jail…all for charging his electric car for a mere 20 minutes.

Father Arrested For Plugging In Electric Car

What A Shocking Reason For Arrest

Of all the ways a person can get arrested, stealing electricity from plugging in an electric car probably doesn’t even appear on the list anywhere. Until I read this story, I had never even heard of such a crime. Maybe if he’d left it plugged in for a month at a time, I could begin to understand it, but for 20 minutes? Give the guy a break!

Here’s the real shocker (sorry, I couldn’t resist) to the story – Mr. Kamooneh used a whopping 5 cents worth of electricity. That police officer stopped the crime of the century in Chamblee, Georgia. 15 hours in jail and possible court fees for 5 cents? Let the man pay a nickel and be done with this nonsense.

If you drive an electric car anywhere near Georgia, make sure you have a full charge before you think about driving anywhere. And, whatever you do, don’t plug in your car to any outlet that’s not found inside your garage. While we’re at it, I guess we shouldn’t plug in cell phones and laptops anywhere except at our own houses either.

[Image via ABC News]

SOURCE: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57614534-71/dad-arrested-for-plugging-nissan-leaf-into-schools-outlet/