Reports are suggesting that an 18-year old from Massachusetts was arrested on Christmas day after apparently pulling a knife on his own father. The Enterprise reports that Alexander Torres attacked his father and several other family members, all because he didn’t get the Apple iPhone he wanted for Christmas.

Lieutenant Bruce Zeidman of the Brockton Police said that when the officers arrived, Torres was fighting family members and although his father wasn’t injured in the incident, his stepbrother was taken to a nearby medical center to be treated for injuries.

iPhone christmas

Torres was arrested and charged with “assault and battery with a dangerous weapon” as well as “assault and battery and malicious damage to a motor vehicle.”

It is not known whether Torres received a different smartphone as a gift but only that he didn’t get the one he wanted. There was also no mention of whether the desired iPhone was purchased but just never arrived due to delivery delays.

[Image via Digital Trends]