Wearable tech is the future of mobile communications. I know it’s a bold statement but no doubt you have heard it before.  The reason I say this is because more and more firms are producing this kind of technology, and I don’t mean Internet Giants such as Google.


Sure their Google Glass product is going to cost around $1,500, but while we wait for the price to go down, there are other products to check out on the market, even if they are not specifically designed for the general public.  Take for example Vuzix.  They have started taking orders for their M100 smart glasses. The product is now available for pre-order for $999.99.

This obviously is far from an appealable mass-market price and I think Vuzix is targeting enterprise customers who could benefit from increased productivity in warehouses, stock rooms and other locations, rather than the general public.

Paul Travers, President and CEO of Vuzix said, “We are excited to begin shipping the M100 Smart Glasses. The time for wearable computing devices is upon us and we believe what Vuzix offers is the most complete and innovative in the enterprise based smart glasses wearable technology category…Due to strong demand, last spring Vuzix sold out of our gold developer kits, so after many months of working with our first developers and initial hardware, we have incorporated numerous enhancements to the M100. We are truly excited about the possibilities from this product and look forward to working with our growing developer community and enterprise customers who will be leveraging the M100′s capabilities to boost productivity and streamline communications.”

I like the fact that Google and Microsoft are not the only companies making these kind of products and I can’t wait to see the Chinese market opening up in this field, because you just know that their products will be so much cheaper than their US counterparts.

[Image via metaio]

SOURCE: http://www.intomobile.com/2013/12/04/vuzix-m100-smart-glasses-now-available-preorder-99999/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+IntoMobile+%28IntoMobile%29