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FileHippo Smashes The 3,000,000,000 Download Barrier
Yep, that’s right, FileHippo passed a very significant milestone recently. Last month we officially passed the 3 billion download mark, and if you don’t mind us saying, we do feel quite proud of that figure. Where It All Began was started by two software enthusiasts in 2004. We’re really proud of... Read more
Dutch Court Orders Google To Hand Over Fake Reviewers IP Addresses
In the Netherlands, browser giant Google has been ordered to take down the false and abusive reviews that have been linked to attacks on a Dutch nursery. The child care business, which hasn’t as yet been named in court papers, has won a legal case against Google, forcing the... Read more
F-35 Radar: Have You Tried Turning It On And Off Again?
The US F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, beset by problems and setbacks since its inception back in 2001, has run into yet another problem with some of its on-board software. At more than a trillion dollars and what sometimes seems like a trillion glitches, and a trillion bad headlines, the... Read more
NSA Ends Mass Surveillance Of US Citizens
As of last Saturday, 28th November, the US National Security Agency (NSA) has finally stopped directly collecting the information of the phone calls and metadata of millions of US citizens. A US Justice Department statement released Saturday stated that: “Final temporary reauthorization of the Section 215 bulk telephony metadata... Read more
Microsoft Launches Affordable Internet Fund For Underserved Markets
Microsoft has announced its launch of a new fund with the intention of helping startups and commercial companies to offer access to affordable Internet in “underserved markets.” Microsoft’s new Affordable Access Initiative will offer grants to commercial enterprises that that can prove demonstrable scalable solutions, which can facilitate access to... Read more
UK Talk Talk Hack Could Cost Company ÂŁ35m
Talk Talk’s chief executive, Dido Harding, has revealed that 157,000 of its customers personal details has been accessed and stolen by hackers On October 21st, Talk Talk one of the UK’s major telecoms groups became yet another victim of hacking. As a result of the hack, more than 15,000... Read more
Anonymous Hacktivists Posts Alleged ‘Real’ Ku Klux Klan Sympathiser List
Details of just under 1,000 alleged ‘real’ Ku Klux Klan members and sympathisers have been posted on the internet by the hacktivist  group known as Anonymous. How accurate the list purports to be will be up for some scrutiny. Previously revealed details from earlier this week regarding the Ku... Read more
Apple Removes Metadata+ Drone Strike Map App from App Store
In a sudden, and unexpected move, Apple unilaterally decided to ban the Metadata+ iOS app that maps US drone strikes from the Apple Store. The app’s main purpose was to send push notifications to users iOS devices when drone strikes were reported. Metadata+ was originally created to work in... Read more
Google: Software, Browsers, and the Android Watch
There’s a reason Google is everywhere, and it’s not just a bottomless bank account and an endless talent pool of techxperts vying to work for them. Largely, the thing that has made Google so exhaustively far-reaching is its ability to look past proprietary boundaries and reach out to new... Read more
Fantastical 2 Comes To Apple Watch
As promised, this week Flexibits updated Fantastical 2 for the iPhone to version 2.3, adding support for the Apple Watch. The new Apple Watch app includes a list of all upcoming appointments and meetings, reminders, quick access to your daily schedule via Glance, and the ability to add events... Read more
First Apple Watch OS Update Has A Bug
Numerous Apple Watch owners have taken to Apple’s forum and the MacRumors forum to express concern that the device’s heart rate sensor has taken a serious blow since the release of Apple Watch OS 1.0.1 on May 19th, 2015. The release of Watch OS 1.0.1 claimed to contain performance enhancements... Read more
Google Patents Nanoparticle Reading Wearable For Cancer
Google released a proposal earlier this year for a wristband that detects cancer. The wristband uses moulds created using human skin. Recently, the firm patented the technology that would ‘”automatically modify or destroy targets in the blood that have an adverse health effect.” Using an external energy source like... Read more
Gucci & Will.I.AM Team Up For Smartwatch
At this year’s Baselworld trade show, there was a surprise from Tag Heuer as they announced Google and Intel would be joining them to make a high end smartwatch for the market but the real surprise came in the form of musician and celebrity, The musician has joined... Read more
Top 5 Products from Wearable Technology Show 2015
Wearables are everywhere these days, they even have their very own show! At this year’s Wearable Technology Show, held at the Excel Centre in London UK, the field has been opened up wide in all sorts of areas. From medical technology and sport and fitness through to augmented reality,... Read more
Prototype Smartwatch with Eye Tracking Created
At Mobile World Congress this week in Barecelona  there have been lots of fresh ideas and really cool tech appearing on the horizon. The field of wearables is hotting up and nestled nicely within that field is eye tracking. The EyeTribe are a firm that has already manufactured a... Read more
Pebble Time Kickstarter Launched, Full Color Smartwatch
Pebble has announced the third smartwatch in the range, called the Pebble Time. The smartwatch has been released first on Kickstarter and raised over $5m in just a few hours. Announcing the news with a Kickstarter campaign, Pebble is returning to its old roots to make a break in... Read more
Everything You Need To Know About HoloLens
When Microsoft held its Windows 10 event last week at its headquarters in Washington, no one was expecting a new futuristic wearable device. The tech company astounded everyone with the announcement about HoloLens, Microsoft’s sleek-looking headset, complete with transparent lenses. It really does look like something straight out of... Read more
Google Ceases Glass Sales, but is the Wearable Dead?
It had to happen someday, I just thought that it would take while longer than it has done. Google has made the decision to put the current Glass programme on the shelf. The company will stop producing the wearable “in its present form.” Although Google has apparently decided to end... Read more