GPS technology has become fairly standard within the last decade. We use it in our cars, on our phones, on our watches – it’s everywhere around us. If we want to go somewhere, all we have to do is punch in the address and Apple Maps, Google Maps, MapQuest, or whatever your GPS preference is will give us step by step and turn by turn navigation to get us there. While it’s pretty simple for us to use GPS on the roads, it is something of a different matter to use it under the roads. And by under the roads, I actually mean under the sea.

But now, there is a new product on Kickstarter that may make the day of more than a few scuba divers down there. It is known as the NavDive, and it is a fully working underwater GPS unit.

Go Under The Waves With Confidence With NavDive GPS

Find That Lost Treasure With Ease!

The NavDive is a completely battery powered and waterproof (one would hope!) GPS unit that allows scuba divers to accurately find and record their exact latitude and longitude from wherever they are beneath the waves.

And, if a diver finds something interesting they’d like to revisit one day, the NavDive allows them to capture its exact location and store it within the device. When they decide it’s time to head back, it will lead them right back to that same spot. While you’re diving, the NavDive also records diver’s locations every 10 seconds so they can easily view their entire dive progress later. The dive data can also be sent to a Windows program that is included with the NavDive so it can be viewed on a computer screen.

The NavDive is marketed to amateur divers and professional scuba divers alike. If you’d like to read about its development, you can visit their Kickstarter page here.

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