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Change the voice on Waze to Cookie Monster, Woody, and more
The default voice on GPS apps like Waze can get grating. If you’re on a long road trip, you might as well listen to a voice that isn’t driving you up a wall. Well, there‚Äôs a way to do it! Soon, you will be guided down the road by Cookie... Read more
Driver Follows His GPS Off Bridge, Wife Killed
My wife frequently tells me I depend on my GPS more often than I should, and she may have a point. (Not that I’d ever admit it to her face). I do use it quite a bit, and I even use it around town when I¬†mostly know where I’m... Read more
Microsoft Creates A Theater Mode For Smartphones
For as great as smartphones are, sometimes they’re really inconvenient. Case(s) in point: you’re in the middle of a very important job interview and your phone starts loudly ringing in your pocket because you forgot to put it on silent. Or, you’re at the movie theater and someone calls... Read more
Man Proposes Using GPS Running App
I’ve heard about all kinds of awesome proposal stories over the years, and with all of the advances in technology, people just seem to be getting more and more creative. (Not all the great stories have happy endings, though – last month Techbeat reported about a young man who... Read more
Google Now Remembers Where You Parked The Car
The older I get, the more often I forget where I parked the car. I don’t think it’s because I have dementia or anything, it just seems as parking lots get bigger and busier, it’s easier to completely forget where you parked. This is especially true when I’m going... Read more
Keep Your Child Safe With hereO, The GPS Watch
A child disappearing has to be every parent’s nightmare. There are a few child-tracking devices out there already but the hereO GPS watch has an advantage over the others, in that it looks funky and cool, so most kids will love wearing it. HereO has been designed small enough... Read more
GPS Creator Wants Tougher Regulations For Satellite Jamming
Almost everybody has either heard of or uses some form of GPS.  The GPS has become necessary for modern daily life, forming the basis of smartphone and in-vehicle navigation systems for millions of people globally.  Initially, it was controlled by the US military and was only accessible via a... Read more
This iBag Makes Sure You Stick To Your Budget
What is your best defense against spending too much of your hard-earned money? Do you use Dave Ramsey’s envelope system where you carry cash in predetermined amounts? Do you use some kind of a buddy system where you only go shopping with good friends who will make sure you... Read more
Go Under The Waves With Confidence With NavDive GPS
GPS technology has become fairly standard within the last decade. We use it in our cars, on our phones, on our watches – it’s everywhere around us. If we want to go somewhere, all we have to do is punch in the address and Apple Maps, Google Maps, MapQuest,... Read more
Early Warning System For Natural Disasters Tested In U.S
Scientists are employing the use of GPS technology and other sensors in order to develop a better early warning system for earthquakes, tsunamis and floods. The minutes before a natural disaster strikes are crucial and so an early warning system would provide emergency services the opportunity to prepare and... Read more
Create Your Own Adventures With A GPS AdventureBox
Who doesn’t like opening a gift box? It’s fun, it’s exciting, but if we’re being honest, sometimes it’s a little boring too. After all, it’s the same routine for every present. You look at the gift tag, you might have to untie a ribbon that’s holding the bag together,... Read more
Churches Forced To Use GPS To Keep Track Of Baby Jesus
I don’t know how you got into the Christmas spirit this year, but some people in this country decided that they would get into it by going around and stealing the baby Jesus figure from different nativity scenes around town. I don’t know if God reserves special treatment for... Read more
Get A HUD For Your Smartphone’s GPS
If you would like to have a futuristic navigation HUD on the windshield of your ride, then you should check out Sygic’s GPS app!  Almost all smartphones offer free GPS navigation nowadays, but unless you have a smartphone mounted to your dashboard, looking down at your phone for navigation can... Read more
Skully Smart Helmet Guides & Protects Motorcycle Riders
As any motorcyclist knows, riding a motorcycle is far from the safest thing a person can do, but bikers consider the benefits to far outweigh the risks when it comes to getting out on the open road. But all it takes is another vehicle on the road that doesn’t... Read more
Project Loon Balloon Capable Of Navigating Globe 3 Times
Project Loon¬†is an interesting idea, although it maybe a little ‘out there’. ¬†Know doubt you are aware of the story so far; the internet behemoth Google, is building balloons to remain floating for an unusually extended period of time in the stratosphere. These balloons are specifically designed by Google... Read more
Lock8 Smart Bike Security

Lock8 Smart Bike Security

News November 5, 2013

If you are the kind of energetic person who relies on their bike to get around, you are well aware that bike theft is a massive problem.  Current locks on the market can be ineffective as theft deterrents, since bike thieves have found numerous ways to beat the particular... Read more
Why Did Apple Buy WiFiSLAM?
Apple is always on the news, but there are some tidbits that are worth more than others. Take for example the acquisition the company made late in March. Little known indoor GPS company WiFiSLAM suddenly made the headlines, thanks to Apple turning its eye on it. That also means sending cash... Read more