It must be devastating to watch your home become engulfed by flames, while you, powerless to do anything about it, have to stand by and watch everything you treasure be destroyed beyond repair. Although there must be an overwhleming feeling to just salvage everything you can, most people would stay at a safe distance. That was not the case for a man in Kansas though.

Initially when he realised that his house was on fire, the man did what most people would naturally do,he got out sharpish. No doubt it was while he was standing there watching the flames grow higher and higher, that he realised he had left something precious behind; his Xbox.

House fire

The man risked his life and re-entered the house in order to save his beloved game console. Thankfully both the man and his Xbox survived unscathed, so the drastic reaction was not in vain. According to reports, the man needed to be treated for smoke inhalation but nothing more.

The fire is said to have caused damage amounting to approximately $80,000. There has been no confirmation surrounding what model of Xbox was rescued.

Would you risk your life for your favourite device?

[Image via maxconsole]