Throughout the world there are some universal gestures, which no matter the culture or language, will be understood. For example, everyone knows that shaking your head means ‘no’. In a restaurant if you click you fingers in mid-air, usually a waiter or waitress comes running to assist you. Although nobody knows when or where it started, for some reason when we hold our thumb and pinky up to our ear, it means ‘call me’.

Now, thanks to an ingenious design, that universal gesture has been developed into a actual way to communicate on the phone. Built right into a pair of winter gloves, conductive fibers allow you to operate touch-screen smartphones and other devices, all with added Bluetooth capabilities.

bluetooth gloves

Built in to the glove’s thumb is a tiny speaker, allowing you to hear and in the pinky part of the glove is a microphone. By using the universal hand gesture, you can make and receive calls, all with a decent sound quality.

The gloves are compatible with all devices that are Bluetooth enabled, including iOS, Android, Windowsphone and Blackberry. They can be charged in 30 minutes with a micros USB, to give up to 20 hours talk time.

Never again will you have to remove your gloves in the freezing cold to make a call!

[Image via era-apple]