Interactive applications are all the rage these days, with gesture control at the forefront. With devices such as Leap Motion and Kinect, people are discovering even more fun ways to go about their tech activities. In general, though, gesture interface control is not focused on mobile devices. After all, mobile is a totally different world.
That’s where Israeli company Umoove wants to make a difference.

The startup was founded in 2010 with the goal of creating a face and eye-tracking solution that is compatible with all mobile devices. Several years later, Umoove is making waves with its iOS app. (The Android app is coming soon.)

Umoove App Tracks Your Face So You Can Play Games 

How does this work? Take a look at this video. Be warned: you might get all worked up due to the potential Umoove brings to the mobile gaming scene.

Eye-tracking and face-tracking technology are not new, so what does Umoove have to offer aside from the the mobile gesture interface?

The bottom line is the execution of this technology. Umoove is all about precisely tracking your gestures so that you can take your mobile gaming experience to a whole new level. And since they are targeting mobile devices, Umoove has taken great pains to ensure light load on the CPU. According to the its makers, Umoove can use up as little as 5% of your CPU resources!

Additionally, Umoove ensures precise controls – very important for racing games! – by taking into consideration the shakiness that is almost always present when using mobile devices and light conditions.

Technological details aside, mobile gamers have so much to look forward to when Umoove goes beyond its current stage. As of now, you can enjoy the technology via the Umoove app, but they have released the FaceSDK and EyeSDK for developers. Like the app, these are available for iOS only, with the Android version to come soon.

[Image via spectrum]