There are small problems for vehicle manufacturers, and then there are big problems. Aston Martin is currently facing a pretty big one. Just how big, you ask? Well, they have to recall 75% of their vehicles that were made between the years 2007 and 2014. It turns out that a certain supplier in China was allegedly using counterfeit plastic to create the gas pedals used in most Aston Martin vehicles.

Aston Martin is worried that the fake plastic could ultimately cause the pedal system to break, which would cause the car to lose momentum and slow until it would completely stop – never an ideal situation unless you’re off on some back road with no other vehicles in sight, and even then it would probably ruin your day. So, they are taking action and calling roughly 3/4 of the vehicles they’ve created since 2007 back to the shop so they can remedy the problem.

Aston Martin Forced To Recall 75% Of Cars From 2007 On

Just How Many Cars Will Be Recalled?

It’s unknown an exact figure of the cars that are affected by this, but the New York Times puts the estimate at around 5,000 vehicles. It’s also unclear what’s going to happen with the Chinese supplier that used the counterfeit plastic in the first place. Who knew that there was a counterfeit plastic ring going on in the automobile industry? Hopefully these pedals turn out to be the only thing that has been counterfeited, and that other auto makers don’t end up finding they’ve been affected with similar problems.

If you own an Aston Martin and are wondering if your vehicle needs to be recalled, the only models that don’t need to be recalled at this time are the new Volantes and the new Vanquish Coupes. If you own any other model from 2007 on, you’d better be safe and get it checked out.

[Image via NYTimes]