We’ve all done it; you experience something truly wonderful or hilarious but are unable to replay the moment because you didn’t have a camera to hand. However a new device called meMINI, allows you to save treasured moments as they happen, effectively giving you the ability of hindsight.

Some of the best moments in our life happen umprompted, so the designers behind meMINI have combined two techniques, Loop and Recall, so that you can record things in high-definition. This technology saves you wasting time sorting through hours of unwanted video footage, with the creators boasting that the device is not only simple to use but is one of a kind.

meMINI camera

The wearable camera captures looped footage, that is adjustable from 10 seconds to 5 minutes, enabling you to decide how long you want your moments to last. When you press the recall button, the device preserves the footage and captures something special that would ordinarily be missed. The device has a 1080p HD video and once you’ve captured the footage , it can be stored and shared straight away thanks to the integrated cloud-based storage service. On a single charge the camera can last up to three hours.

The creators have designed meMINI to be worn anywhere on your clothing thanks to the use of the innovative super-hold technology. It also has its own Universal mount so the device can be attached on to a surface in any type of vehicle.

meMINI can also be connected to its smartphone app, meaning you can control the camera, the footage and share your content with anyone, at anytime, anywhere.

meMINI app

Sam Lee and Ben Bodely, the brains behind this device, successfully reached their crowd-funded target through Kickstarter. They plan to start shipping the product by July this year, following final testing and refinements. Early birds were able to pre-order meMINI for $149, however it will retail at $249.

[Image via meMINI]

SOURCE: http://www.memini.com/