This just in.  Even the US AirForce is turning to the dark side (or light side, depending on your point of view).  They are replacing all BlackBerrys with iOS or other approved android mobile devices.   Considering BlackBerry is supposed to be one of the most secure devices you can get, it is an interesting move on the US Air Force’s part! 

They have announced that 5,000 BlackBerry devices will be retired and replaced with the new iOS devices.  One has to wonder why?  Security is built into everything the BlackBerry is!  It has more government certifications than any other vendor and has received the Department of Defense “Authority to Operate” certification.  So why make the change?

US military ios


The Air Force apparently wants to get personnel off of heavy and old-fashioned devices and iPhones seem to be the way forward! Communications director for Air Force Space Command, Gen. Kevin Wooton, stated: “In order to keep costs down and save on network resources, BlackBerrys will be turned in and shut off once the user is transitioned to an iOS device”.  The Air Force did not mention whether the new devices will still support the Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA) new mobile device management software; however, it seems likely that DISA will play a key role in managing Air Force devices.

Since 1st January, 2014, any BlackBerry devices activated required a waiver.  The U.S. AirForce is currently making a transition from the BlackBerry and eventually all mobile users will be required to trade them in for an iPhone, iPad, or another approved smartphone or tablet.  BlackBerry is already responding by using the potential problem of security issues with other devices.  But obviously, the Air Force is not overly bothered and feels safe with their new choice.

What do you think? Should the military change up or stay the same?  As always, your sensible comments are always welcome.

[Image via thehackernews]