For the average person it is physically impossible to do a loop-the-loop just on foot. However, free-runner Damien Walters is not your average person.

Sponsored by PepsiMax, Walters attempted the impossible feat using a human-sized loop-the-loop. He calulated that in order to have any chance at succeeding he needed to be travelling at 8.6 mph by the time he reached the top. Armed with this vital information he set to trying to defy gravity on the loop that was housed inside an abandoned warehouse.

damien walters running a loop the loop

Pepsi caught everything on video; the failured attempts as well as the successful. Initially Walters used mats to break his fall during trial runs but once he had gained confidence, the mats were removed. Thankfully he was able to complete a full loop-the-loop.

So now it has been proven that it is possible for a human to run a loop-the-loop. Fancy having a go?

[Image via YouTube]