Jason Dimitri not only lived to ‘tell’ of his shark attack ordeal but also captured and shared video footage of the event on YouTube.

Whilst diving and hoping to catch a glimpse of a lion fish in the Caribbean Sea, Dimitri got more than he bargained for when he came face to face with a shark, which he says “scared the cr*p out of him.” He managed to keep the predator at bay thanks to a short spear, which he used to jab at the shark. You can see from the video footage that it tries several times to bite him in between circling him from below.


Even as he swam towards the surface, the shark wasn’t willing to let him go, approaching him with its jaws open wide but yet another blow from the spear was enough to scare the animal away.

Dimitri caught the action on his GoPro 3 camera and uploaded the video to YouTube, which has now been watched hundreds of thousands of times.

In the video description, Dimitri explains how this hair-raising experience has not put him off entering the water.

“I love this place and will continue diving here for the rest of my life. In no way did this encounter discourage me from getting back into the water.

“I want to make it clear that I am hunting lion fish to help protect the reef from the destruction that they cause. The shark was acting in his natural environment. I have no ill will toward him and will get back in the water and continue to protect the reef for future generations.”

[Image via theinertia]

SOURCE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2582935/Heartstopping-moment-diver-wearing-GoPro-camera-comes-face-face-shark-POKES-spear.html