Designers have come up with a theoretical design that could radicalize the way we store our data. If you’re anything like me, you probably have hundreds of those little thumb drives and can never remember what is stored on which drive. However, in the future we could potentially store data just by putting  paper-thin, sticky note-type memory cards called dataSTICKIES, on to a computer screen.


Aditi Singh and Parang Anand believe  32GB of storage can be achieved by placing a single layer of graphene between two flexible protective layers. Just like a sticky note, one sticky edge would carry the data via an optical data transfer, which would be built in to a computer’s monitor. Due to the low-tack, pressure sensitive adhesive, they could be reused and wouldn’t leave a residual mark behind on surfaces.

With dataSTICKIES, the designers’ aim is to bring together the virtual world and physical world by making digital data easier to store, share and carry. The idea is to have varying colours for different storage capacities, yet by stacking them together you can increase capacity.

Graphene really is the ground-breaking material of the moment and it seems the potential is endless. Would you use dataSTICKIES or do you prefer the good old USB data drives?

[Image via datastickies]