According to a report from the Financial Times, we can expect to see ‘iOS In The Car’ launch next week at the Geneva Motor Show, with Apple teaming up with car manufacturers Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Volvo to showcase its latest project, which Apple has decided to call CarPlay.

Apple announced plans to link its operating system with vehicles back in June 2013 at the World Wide Developers Conference, when it was confirmed that the company was working with other big names such as Jaguar, Chevrolet and Honda.

iOS in A Honda car

Leaks from developers gave hints as to how the system will work. Everything will be controlled by Siri ensuring that operation remains hands free, while the control system will be much simpler so that it can look clear on all display sizes. Volvo has decided to give us all a sneak preview as to how it will actually look in practice and has released a video.

It is likely that the release of ‘iOS In The Car’, will coincide with the updated iOS7.1, which is also set to be released later this month.

“The choice of the Ferrari, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz is seen to be in keeping with the U.S. tech group’s high-end phones,” reports the Financial Times. When ‘iOS in the Car’ does finally reache users, it will be an important move for Apple, marking the first time that its software has been embedded outside of the company’s own hardware and devices.

[Image via 9to5mac]