The latest images leaked by @Evleaks reveals that Samsung will likely be sticking with the design trait that can already be seen on the NotePRO and TabPRO Android tablets; faux leather.

Love it or hate it, the look has certainly become a firm fixture for the company, which also chose to use the design for its Note and Galaxy S5 smartphones. Looking at the images more closely, you can see the contrast stitching in some detail.

Whether or not this faux leather effect gives the device a more luxury look or feel is debatable; personally I think it cheapens the overall look. Yet it certainly makes the Samsung devices stand out from other devices.

Samsung Chromebook

The current Samsung Chromebook has a simple all-plastic case  and was released well over a year ago now. At the time it was very reasonably priced and promised a long battery life and fairly decent specs but with the release of upgraded offerings from competitors, the old Chromebook is definitely ready for a make-over.

[Image via Twitter]