Leading cloud service Dropbox, announced this week that they have unveiled a fresh suite of apps and for business users, a new collaboration tool for Microsoft Office called Project Harmony.

Project Harmony is for Dropbox for Business users.  It allows users to see when others are viewing the same Microsoft Office document in real time.  The feature is only compatible with Microsoft Office at the present time, but the firm has said the feature will soon be coming to more applications in the future.

Dropbox New Apps

The company has also unveiled the long-anticipated Mailbox for Android app.  Dropbox showed a demonstration of the new desktop version of the service. Both of the applications will use the same gesture-based control functions and user interface as the iOS app. The Android app is available now for download in the Google Play Store. The desktop version however is currently in beta, so that will roll out in the next few weeks.  The new Mailbox app is also adding a auto-swipe feature, which can remember and then learn from your previous actions.  It does this to predict what you would like to do with messages. The app will, for example, trash your emails that you delete, regularly on a daily basis.  The sync settings of the app is also intuitive and it will sync your data to your Dropbox account so settings are preserved across all desktop and mobile versions of the app.

The company also unveiled a new iOS and Android app for organizing photos and videos called Carousel. The app, which Dropbox are saying is the place to store your memories, allows you to swipe up to view photos from different time periods.

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SOURCE: http://mashable.com/2014/04/09/dropbox-project-harmony-mailbox-android