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Russian Linked With LinkedIn Hack Named
29-year-old man’s arrest linked to 2012 professional social network security breach that saw over 150,000,000 user’s details being stolen. A Russian man has been charged with hacking and stealing information from computers at LinkedIn and other San Francisco Bay Area companies The US attorney’s office in San Francisco has announced that... Read more
Dropbox Logins And Passwords Stolen…4 Years Ago
The popular cloud storage firm DropBox has been hacked and the details of 68 million of its users’ emails and login passwords have been dumped onto the internet for the whole world to see. The hack, which took place in 2012‚Ķwait a minute, 2012? Let me just check that.... Read more
Dropbox Releases Refreshing New Android App
This week, Dropbox released a refreshing new version of its Android app. The all new Dropbox 3.0 can be downloaded from Google Play. If you don’t see it in your Play store yet, don’t worry, the company said it’s “rolling out over the next few days.” The app has... Read more
Dropbox Gets Material Design-based Facelift
Dropbox, the greatest concept in the history of having to move a large amount of content from one computer to another, got a much-needed and long-awaited update last week, one that’s in line with the shift driven by Google’s Material Design. Like most other apps that are jumping on... Read more
Dropbox Acquires Umano
On May 12th, 2015, Dropbox acquired Umano, a startup that provides voice actors who read content that can be recorded and added to content on websites and applications. Umano announced the news via blog post.¬†“We‚Äôre thrilled to announce that the Umano team has joined Dropbox! Nearly three years ago,... Read more
Software Updates To Boost Productivity, Cybersecurity
It’s easy to take the tools we use everyday for granted, especially if we don’t know what they’re not capable of. But a host of software updates have come out this month and the results are pretty amazing. For everything from enhanced video editing to integrated online document editing... Read more
Instagram Launches Layout Collage App
Popular image sharing app Instagram, has just launched a new app called Layout. The new app is designed to help users create image collages before sharing them on their social networks. Layout is initially only available for iOS on iPhone. It won’t be long before Android receive their version... Read more
Dropbox Patches Remotely Exploitable Vulnerability in SDK
The developers at Dropbox have recently patched a vulnerability in the Android SDK version of the Dropbox app. The remotely exploitable vulnerability could have enabled an attacker, under specific circumstances, to potentially save files to their Dropbox account, via compromised third party apps.* Researchers at IBM, who found the vulnerability,... Read more
The Latest Version Of Dropbox Is Now Available
Cloud storage is the best way to store your data away from a localised area.  There are many advantages to this way of storing your data.  Among the many companies that are on the market today that provide this type of service, Dropbox is the easiest way to store,... Read more
The Latest Version Of Dropbox is Now Available
Cloud storage is the way to store your data away from a localised area. There are many advantages to way of securing your data. Among the many firms that provide this service, Dropbox is amongst the easiest way to store, sync and share files online. Main Features: File Sync:... Read more
Download The Latest Dropbox Update
Cloud storage is a great way to keep your data away from a localised area.  There are many advantages to this way of securing your data.  Among the many companies which provide this type of service, Dropbox is amongst the easiest way to store, sync and share files online. Dropbox features... Read more
Dropbox Project Harmony Announced
Leading cloud service Dropbox, announced this week that they have unveiled a fresh suite of apps and for business users, a new collaboration tool for Microsoft Office called Project Harmony. Project Harmony is for Dropbox for Business users.  It allows users to see when others are viewing the same Microsoft... Read more
Dropbox Acquires Readmill
Reading groups have been around since, well, books have been.  People can gather together and discuss a particular book, which they have previously chosen to read and then they can discuss the characters, the plot, the premise, whether the author pulled off the characters well enough for the story... Read more
Dropbox 2.6.18 Is Now Available On FileHippo
Dropbox is an online sharing tool that allows you to select, share and synchronise files with other users. You can sync any size or type of file and the software comes with 2GB of online storage for free. The latest version, Dropbox 2.6.18, sees added translations but the company... Read more
Mega Storage For iPhone
There are many online cloud storage solutions for you and your business, Dropbox and Google Drive etc but none more notorious than Kim Dotcom’s Mega online storage service.  Kim Dotcom has a chequered history when it comes to the legalities of the services his company has provided.  The Megaupload service... Read more
New Dropbox Features: Instant Preview & Virtual Album Sharing
Dropbox is, arguably, the biggest and best in free cloud storage services. Whether you buy into that or not, you cannot ignore the awesome number of 100 million users. For no cost at all, 2GB is not such a bad deal. Then you have to consider the fact that... Read more
BitTorrent Sync To Rival Dropbox
We’re living in an era where people have multiple devices. Ask the average person, and that chances are that he has a laptop (and/or desktop computer), a mobile phone, and a tablet. Some have more than one of each device. This setup brings about many advantages, but there is... Read more
Dropbox Turns Attention To Photos By Buying Snapjoy
Where’s the best place to enjoy your photos? If a poll were to be done using this question, Instagram would probably be at the bottom of the list right now. But then there are many alternatives that you can turn to, and if you’ve heard of Snapjoy, they claim... Read more