Most parents would do anything to help their children succeed, whether it comes in the form of sacrificing financially so they can get a good education, or just being present with them in the small moments as well as the big ones. No parent likes to be told their children can’t (or shouldn’t) do something other children sometimes take for granted, like walking down the road or riding a bike. But, sometimes when parents are told their children won’t ever be able to do something, such as walk normally, it becomes a catalyst for them to prove the doctors wrong.

Debbie Elnatan, from Jerusalem, is the mother of a little boy named Rotem who lives with cerebral palsy. At some point when he was younger, certain doctors told Debbie that Rotem shouldn’t ever walk or even crawl. Like any parent, she didn’t like hearing that kind of medical advice, and she eventually came up with an idea that would help her son to walk. That idea is now fully revealed to the world in the form of the UpSee Harness.

Mom Creates UpSee Harness To Help Her Son Walk

Every Child Deserves To Walk

At first, she would just bend over and manually help Rotem to walk, but that just left her reeling with back pain of her own. Over time, she developed a special harness, now known as the Upsee Harness, that allows special-needs children to walk in tandem with one of their parents. Using a pair of “double sandals” along with a harness, children get to learn how to walk with Mom and/or Dad and they gain muscle memory which they otherwise wouldn’t.

After a long process, Debbie was finally able to get her UpSee Harness released to the public – she stated that because investors thought it was such a small market they were wary of investing in her product. But that’s all changed now, and kids who have never walked before are getting to experience it for the first time.

It’s unknown what Rotem’s old doctors think of the invention.

[Images via UnitedWithIsrael & CharliesFund]