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Upping Campus Transport With Electric Scooter Shares
Auburn University starts new share program with URB-E electric scooters. Today’s college-bound student faces obstacles that no other generation in history may have faced. Tuition costs alone make up the bulk of those issues, with US tuition costs rising by more than 1000% since their grandparents were in school. Textbook costs... Read more
Ford Self Driving Cars To Deliver Domino’s Pizza In Michigan
The face of pizza delivery may change forever if new joint experiment in the city of Ann Arbor is successful. The experiment, due to start this September will see selected Domino’s customers being given the option to have their fresh pizza pie delivered by an autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid... Read more
HPE Unveils ‘World’s Largest’ Single Memory Computer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has built the largest single-memory computing system in the world at 160TB of RAM. To put this into perspective, 160 terabytes (TB) of Random Access Memory (RAM), is roughly the same amount of memory contained within 80,000 of the latest iPhones! Simply known as ‘The Machine’, the 160TB computer... Read more
USA Hands Out New Toddler Screen Time Advice
The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) has announced new screen time guidelines for children under three years old While previously the AAP had advised no screen time for at all for children under the age of 2, the advice has now changed. The AAP which first issued that recommendation back... Read more
Software Update For NASA’s Mars Rover
NASA has been hard at work on a space program initiative involving Mars exploration literally for decades. From satellite orbits to actual landings, our nearest viable neighbor for sustaining life has been the subject of a lot of intense–and expensive–effort. Once NASA was able to actually send Mars landers... Read more
The Lantern Really Is Going To Change The World
There are a lot of gadgets out there that made big promises about changing the world, and only a handful of them have followed through. Remember the Segway? Some of the top names in tech declared it the most revolutionary thing since the tablet computer, a device that was... Read more
8 Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed
I absolutely love looking through the online gadget collections, the ones that spout off about the coolest tech gear to hit the market in the next few months. There’s really only one problem with those: if I had an extra $5,000 lying around, I wouldn’t spend it on a... Read more
Awesome Baby Gadgets For New Parents In Your Life
Here’s a bit of trivia: did you know that September has the highest numbers of babies born, followed by August, July, then June? Guess what that means? Statistically, you’re going to be invited to some baby showers in the near future. As any veteran parents can tell you (and... Read more
The Apple Watch: From $349 to… $10,000
I think it is fair to say that everybody who has even the slightest interest in wearable technology was waiting in eager anticipation for the announcement of the Apple Watch. Whether you wanted to see Apple fall on their face or stand proud with this new product, you have... Read more
Man Builds Tie Interceptor Fighter Drone
I can only imagine all of the different kinds of Star Wars inspired things that will be coming out up to (and even after) the release of The Force Awakens in December. Unless an actual lightsaber finally comes out though, the things I think I’m most excited about are the drones... Read more
Continuity: How to Disable Calls On iPad
Apple are great innovators. They make great products, which are well built and have some amazing features. With the announcement of OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Apple introduced a great new feature called, Continuity. This feature allows you to field phone calls and text messages from your iOS devices and... Read more
Pi-Top: Worlds First 3D Printed Laptop
3D printing is great isn’t it? We can design and print almost anything, from houses to cars. Since the advent of 3D printers, we didn’t have to wait too long before someone created the world’s first 3D printed laptop. The Pi-Top 3D printed laptop has broken its funding target... Read more
The World’s First Ambulance Drone!
Drones are being tested for all sorts of scenarios, whether it be a quicker delivery service for your Amazon order, your Dominos pizza or a surveillance network for your home. Currently, commercial drones are mostly used to pilot around areas with a GoPro-type camera on it. We have seen... Read more
How To Find A Low Cost Android Tablet
Android tablets are taking over the world. The price of a decent tablet is plummeting and with so much choice out there it can be daunting knowing where to start if you’re considering a new one. We have tablets aimed at kids, tablets aimed at older users, casual users... Read more
AARP Creates RealPad Tablet For The Older Generation
If you’ve ever tried to teach someone who you consider to be “older” how to use certain pieces of newer technology, then you know the process can be frustrating and hilarious at the same time. What seems so easy to us “young folks” seems like some form of rocket... Read more
Build Your Own Bluetooth Gloves For Taking Calls
You may remember that a little while ago we reported on what looked like a pair of normal winter gloves, which in actual fact had bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to take calls simply by holding your thumb and forefinger up to your ear and mouth. The gloves, which can... Read more
Wonderblox: Interactive Educational iPad Toy
Toys are great!  I love playing with all sorts of different toys with my children.  In fact, sometimes I think I might enjoy playtime more than they do!  Educational toys are the best though, as they can teach your children how to interact with the world around them. They... Read more
Edyn Makes You Grow The Perfect Garden
My wife and I decided to have our “first” real garden this year. I put first in quotes because we tried it in 2011, but due to a tornado we never saw the fruits (or rather, the vegetables) of our labor. This go round, however, we can look out... Read more