Superhydrophobic coating is an awesome material.  It has been around for a while now, but the nano coating is being used sparingly, it seems, in marketed products.  It looks as though members of the motor industry are willing to give the concept of applying a Superhydrophobic coating to a vehicle a try.   Car manufacturer Nissan, has been working with Ultra-Every Dry, one of the companies behind nano-coating, to test the product on the new Nissan Note.

Waterproof Note

Nissan has not gone into any actual details in the press release they have issued, about how the layer of nano material is applied to the vehicle.  All they have said is that there is a layer of Superhydrophobic coating on top of the paint of the car.

Ultra-Ever Dry has actually been tested on lots of different surfaces, including clothing and outdoor materials, such as camping equipment.  There are strong warnings about applying it to clothing though, as it is going to be worn directly onto the skin.  There are different firms who provide Superhydrophobic coatings, such as Rustoleum Never Wet, which can be bought at the local hardware store can achieve a similar results.

Nissan has not said how long the coating will last or even what they plan to do when the coating does actually wear off.  The concept is very impressive to say the least.  As you know, if you drive a car, it does get dirty.  I drive a seven seater and have two small children, so I know that a car can get really filthy, both inside and out. Any help in the cleaning department is going to be a big bonus.  Now all we need is a proper coating of all internal materials inside the car and I, for one am sold on the idea.

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[Image via 95octane]