An Israeli startup company claims to have created a smartphone battery that can charge in just 30 seconds, thanks to the use of nanotechnology. StoreDot revealed its prototype battery at Microsoft’s Think Next conference on Monday.

They showcased how a smartphone that has 0% battery, can be revived to 100%, in just 30 seconds. The battery, which is currently about the size of a laptop battery, contains bio-organic nanodots, which are miniscule conductive crystals that aid this super quick charge.

StoreDot battery

SuperDot is hoping that with further development, it can reduce the size of the product so that the final result will be more like the size of a normal smartphone battery.

Word is that production will begin in late 2016 but Dr Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot’s CEO and co-founder, said that “The only disadvantage is that the industry is not ready for it. “We are talking about a new type of materials that can be introduced into different types of devices.”

So from that you can conclude we won’t be seeing the charger commercially available for some time yet but when it does the company says to expect the charger to cost around double that of a normal smartphone battery.

[Image via YouTube]