A recent online survey carried out by Holiday Hypermarket found that 72% of the more than 2100 adults who took part, would sacrifice the usual holiday essentials (like sun cream, beach towels and swimwear), in favour of squeezing technology and power cables into their suitcases. Participants of the survey also claimed that they will be taking an average of six technology devices away with them on holiday this year. So we’ve decided to give you some suggestions on just what those six summer tech essentials might be. If you want to suggest others, then we want to hear your ideas – share them in the comments section!

1. Smart Suitcase

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If you have ever had your luggage lost by an airline, then you'll know how this can get your holiday off to a bad start. The Bag2Go by Airbus is currently being trialed by airlines across the world and aims to massively reduce the number of lost bags, as well as find innovative ways of handling luggage in general. The suitcase itself contains a SIM card and two sensors, so via a smartphone app you can track your baggage at all times. If your suitcase does happen to go AWOL then you can locate it much quicker, speeding up its safe return. Although not available right now, keep an eye out for Bag2Go, it will certainly be a holiday essential!

Of course if you are planning to take any electronic device away with you, please don’t forget to take the chargers, cables and relevant plug adapters if necessary.