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Amazon Kindles To Get An Update
When the Kindle e-reader hit the shelves, it took the market by storm. It wasn’t the first digital device for reading ebooks, but it was the first one to come with a user-friendly download process and a full library of books to back it up (it was no fun... Read more
Kindle For PC Gets A New Release
Whether you like the company or not, there’s no question that Amazon has reshaped the face of reading, of publishing, and even of retail commerce. A number of “revolutions” have been attributed to the company, including the self-publishing movement, the state of small businessmen who are now able to... Read more
First 10 Kindle Scout Titles Available For Pre-Order
Amazon’s new discovery and upvoting tool Kindle Scout lets the people who matter most in the publishing process–the readers–have a say in the titles that get published. Through the company’s ebook imprint Kindle Press, books that have been nominated for publication have a chance to get published and put... Read more
Kindle Unlimited: For Book Lovers Everywhere
I know this isn’t true for everyone, but I’ve been excited about e-readers since their inception. I owned the first generation Nook from Barnes and Noble, and I now use a Kindle Paperwhite for all of my e-reading needs. And I have to say that I absolutely love it.... Read more
Essential Summer Holiday Gadgets
A recent online survey carried out by Holiday Hypermarket found that 72% of the more than 2100 adults who took part, would sacrifice the usual holiday essentials (like sun cream, beach towels and swimwear), in favour of squeezing technology and power cables into their suitcases. Participants of the survey... Read more
Fast Food Giant To Give Ebooks Away With Kids Meals
Fast food mega giant, McDonalds, has had a very long relationship with different promotional companies.  There is usually a new movie that is about to be released or something of a similar line in the offing. McDonalds tend to keep to the tried and tested method of fast food... Read more
Get Free Kindle Books With A Samsung Device
If you like to read Kindle books and you own a Samsung device, there is good news for you. Kindle and Samsung have recently announced a partnership of sorts which will allow those who own a Samsung device to read free ebooks every month. I should probably be clear... Read more
Norway To Digitize ALL Norwegian Books
This kind of news makes me want to go and live in Norway. This Scandinavian country is known for many awesome things – from fjords to salmon to the midnight sun – and now, there is another thing to add to the list: by the mid-2020s, all the books... Read more
Meet Oyster: The Netflix For Ebooks
Netflix has undoubtably changed the landscape of TV and movie watching. Established in 1997, the company started out delivering DVDs, and now, as we all know very well, many a TV show/movie buff cannot imagine having a life without streaming media from Netflix. While its services are not available... Read more
Want An Ebook Reader? Kobo Might Be The Best Choice
There was a time when all I wanted was a Kindle. I told myself I didn’t need an iPad, and since all I wanted to do was to read, the Kindle was the best choice. All that changed when I did get my hands on the iPad, but I... Read more