Doctors in Lower Economically Developed Countries (LEDC’s), are constantly fighting to keep bacteria and infection at bay.  The Hansure Czech company has come up with a solution!

In honour of Global Hand Hygiene Day (yes, this is real), they came up with a unique hand cleaning solution  that was designed to reduce Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and other infections by equipping doctors with portable hand sanitisers.

The Hansure clips to your belt and doctors and nurses are able to carry around their own sanitiser rather than having sanitiser dispensers in each room of the hospital.  The sanitiser has removable cartridges that doctors can replace themselves.

Hansure: Portable Sanitizer For Medics

There are two versions.  One is a mechanical system that simply compresses out sanitiser.  The second is a automatic one that can track when someone has used it and notifies you if you are due to ‘sanitise’.

This product was created when the team realised that some doctors in LEDC’s were unable to gain access to the things they needed to stay sanitary.  Not all hospitals are able to add dispensers to every room but heath care professionals, at the very least, should have access to sanitiser.

The founders are called Observe Design and belonged to the Stanford India Biodesign department. They received mentorship from Czech ICT and are now located in Czech Republic.

The mechanical version costs $24 while the no-touch solution costs $54. However, once the hardware is bought, cartridges only cost a few dollars.

While people could simply use sanitiser bottles as opposed to buying expensive kit, the no-touch device does allow health care professionals to be monitored in order to ensure that sanitary practices are taking place.  Those in the food industry may also benefit from this option.

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[Image via hansure]