Do you have an iPhone 5 with a broken power button? (In case you’re wondering which button that is, it’s the top right button on the top of the phone). It’s also the button that turns your screen on and off. Apparently a relatively small number of iPhone 5’s all around the world suffer from faulty power buttons which don’t work at all, or are semi-responsive at best. In what’s seen as a bit of a rare move for Apple, they have announced they’re going to fix the issue for free for those who meet their criteria.

If you live in the United States, Apple will fix your iPhone 5 power button now, while the rest of the world has to wait until 5/2/14. Affected persons can either take their phones into an Apple store or they can mail them in to be fixed.

iPhone 5 Power Buttons Are Being Replaced For Free By Apple

If you are part of the small minority affected by this problem, you can enter your iPhone 5’s serial number into Apple’s support website to see if you’re eligible for a free repair. The site also states that if your phone has any other existing damage which might affect the power button, (such as a cracked screen, etc.) you have to get it fixed before they’ll repair it. If you don’t have any other damage issues, though, submit your serial number and be on your way to having a fully functioning phone again!

In case you’re wondering, the whole repair process is said to take between 4-6 days, from drop-off to pick-up. While that’s certainly not an overnight fix, I guess it’s better than the alternative.

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[Image via commons.wikimedia]