The world has just got smarter with the introduction of the ‘smart’ toothbrush!  Your pegs have never had it so good! The United Kingdom has just improved its oral hygiene.  Oral-B has introduced its new Bluetooth electric toothbrush for all your enamel needs!

The Oral-B smart series was created to improve oral care by allowing users to become more conscious of their routine in order to make changes that will be positive for their oral health.

Yes, there is an app for that!  The accompanying app for your smartphone, will time your brushing, give you a brushing routine and offer advice for becoming a better brusher (such as giving warnings if you are brushing too hard…).

Oral B Smartbrush

If you don’t brush for long enough, there is a ‘news’ option which allows you to catch up on your current events while brushing your teeth, to encourage longevity.

Even if you don’t have the app, you can still use this state of the art toothbrush.  you can have up to 20 sessions without connecting the app but really, why would you?  Isn’t the point of a smart toothbrush to use the available tech, otherwise, you’d buy a regular toothbrush.  The toothbrush stores all the ‘data’ you put into it and will send it to the app the next time you sign in.

Apparently only 10% or so of us brush our teeth properly (I’m assuming out of that 10%, most are dentists) so this may be a very effective weapon for fighting tooth decay.  The app doesn’t lie and so you can use the information to benefit your smile.

The Oral-B Smart Series is currently available for £229.99. Boots has just started stocking it but it will be available on Amazon starting in June. As of 1 July, the nation will be able to purchase this brush!  So will you add this smart brush to your list of must-have smart devices?  I suppose it depends upon the state of your pearly whites.

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[Image via gizmobic]