If you need detailed stats on your system, then look no further than Piriform’s Speccy.  Speccy provides you with detailed statistics on all of the hardware in your computer. This includes your CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Graphics Cards, Hard Disks, Optical Drives and Audio support. In addition to this, Speccy adds the temperatures of the different components, so you can easily ascertain if there is an issue!

Speccy may seem like an application that is only used by system administrators and power users. Sure, it is incredibly helpful to that type of user, but it can also be used by anybody to help with their daily computing needs.


For instance, if you need to add more memory to your system, you can check how many memory slots your computer has and what type of memory is already installed on your system.

The following changes have been undertaken on version 1.26.698 of Speccy;

Added SMART attribute real values and statuses.
Restructured SMART attributes and RAM JEDEC data into grid view.
Improved Windows 8.1 compatibility.
Improved scriptable XML and TXT export support (Professional edition only).
Improved Network Adaptor detection.
Improved localization and language support.
Minor GUI improvements.
Minor bug fixes.

You can download Speccy from FileHippo.com today.

[Image via neoteo]