The latest buzz words in the gaming world is virtual reality.  The Facebook owned Oculus and the ‘Rift’ headset has gained momentum and popularity.  However, it is trying to overcome serious problems in order to truly gain a footing in the gaming world.  Motion sickness is the top issue they have.  Although Oculus is responsible for strengthening the interest in VR, other major players, like Sony, have also declared their own technology.

Rift isn’t suitable for long gaming sessions as motion sickness is a major problem for players.  Since serious gamers have marathon runs on their consoles, Rift is obviously not going to be a favourite until problems are solved.  And so, while VR is definitely exciting to play, it isn’t for everyone.  Until these problems are addressed, VR won’t be a popular gaming option.

VR Room?

Microsoft, has recently patented a technology called Illumiroom.  This tech far surpasses Kinect and projects an environment over all the surfaces of your room!  Incredible!   You could be underwater, swimming with the fishes or in a war torn areas with bullets flying past you.  Right now Illumiroom requires advanced set ups with multiple projectors in order to get the full benefits.

At the TriBeCa Film Festival’s Storyscape event, Samantha Murphy Kelly (from Mashable) experienced the Illumiroom in all its glory.   “I walked into homes, climbed stairs and listened in on conversations to learn more about the people who lived there. Over time, I pieced together character personalities and individual stories, while following voices from room to room. Ultimately, the experience played out like a movie — and I could choose what happened next based on who I wanted to follow and where I wanted to be.”  The dream is for the game to surround you, immersing your senses and home in the imaginary world you are playing in without having to wear any device on your head.  Although it may be a long time until the regular consumer can purchase this technology, VR headsets will have to be the next big thing!  You can expect Microsoft and Sony to get on the Virtual band wagon to be sure!

[Image via webdig]