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VR Aids In Auschwitz War Criminal Hunt
It has been more than 70 years since the liberation of the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and extermination camps. But the search for Nazi Germans and their collaborators still continues. German experts and prosecutors are now using Virtual Reality and 3D modelling to aid them when the suspected perpetrators are brought... Read more
Microsoft Goes All VR And Announces ‘Creator’s Update’ For Windows 10
It’s that time of the year again when Microsoft host their October media event and try and get the tech world excited about what Windows 10 users can expect from the Redmond based tech giant. And would you believe it, but this year’s updates seem to have gotten the... Read more
Oculus Rift Responds To News Of Hacking
When the word “hacker” worms its way into the headlines, it’s usually bad news for somebody, often in the form of a data breach or multi-million victim identity theft event. (Admittedly, it’s also sometimes news that the FBI can’t get into an iPhone 5.) But the reality of most... Read more
Apple Looks To “The Force” For Innovation
If you’re looking forward to the newest Star Wars movie as much as the rest of the intelligent life forms of the world, there’s a feature in this one that you especially want to watch for. No, it’s not the new villains or the old favorites (lookin’ at you,... Read more
Father Remotely Views Birth Of His Son With Samsung Gear VR
Three weeks ago, my wife gave birth to our first born son. I was there throughout the whole process and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. But what if I couldn’t have been there? What if I couldn’t have witnessed the miracle of my son being born? I... Read more
HTC Partners With Valve To Create Vive VR
Valve recently announced Steam VR, its own virtual reality platform capable of being imported onto headsets. The focus is bringing the vast collection of Steam developers into the VR business, without losing the largest PC marketplace. To make the platform successful, Valve needs partners, and the first to come... Read more
HP Zvr Virtual Reality Display
HP have come on leaps and bounds in the VR world. Take for instance the HP Zvr Virtual Reality Display. It allows you to experience the ‘feel’ of 3D objects as you manipulate them in real time in front of you. HP’s Zvr Virtual Reality Display is going to be... Read more
Google Adds New SDK on Android & Unity for Cardboard VR
Google is starting to get serious with the Cardboard VR, despite vice president Sundar Pichai brushing it off as a small project worked on for a few hours at Google I/O. A new update to the software side of the virtual reality platform adds developer support for Android and... Read more
Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition launches in the US for $199
I have said it before and I will say it again, 3D imaging and Virtual Reality are coming on in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. The Oculus rift is prime example of innovation and technology spliced together to form an amazing product. So it comes... Read more
Microsoft Furthers Research into RoomAlive
Microsoft’s RoomAlive could turn your entire room into an interactive gaming environment. Microsoft Research developed RoomAlive approximately two years ago but I guess the guys over at marketing took a while to change the name from Beamatron and later IllumiRoom until finally they came up with something half decent. The new demonstration video was... Read more
Virtual Reality On Planes Could Calm Fears Of Flying
I never flew on a plane until I was around 23 years old. One reason was I never went anywhere that I needed to fly to, but another reason was because I was slightly afraid of it. Something about a metal object that weighs a ton hanging out above... Read more
Take a Closer Look at the Gear VR By Samsung
Samsung recently announced that its Gear VR has finally arrived and features not only a Super AMOLED display that shows content in 3D but also lets you enjoy a 360-degree viewing experience. It can also be paired up with the newly released Galaxy Note 4 and Gear Circle. Now... Read more
Samsung Partners With Oculus To Develop Gear VR
Samsung has unveiled their first virtual reality product, the Gear VR, at IFA 2014 this week. The mobile VR headset will be made in partnership with Oculus, who will work on the software end of the device. Gear VR is the first official virtual reality product to be released,... Read more
Unreal Engine 4 Rendering Looks So Real, You’ll Think it is
Until I saw the following, I thought that I could tell the difference between CGI and real video footage.  The movie industry has relied heavily upon CGI for countless films, especially the epics that have come about of late.  To be honest they do a great job, but I... Read more
Galaxy Note 4 & Galaxy Alpha Coming At Samsung’s IFA 2014
Samsung is preparing to make its traditional announcement at IFA 2014. After three years of Galaxy Note releases, it is almost certain that we will see the fourth iteration of Samsung’s phablet lineup at the event in Berlin, alongside some more devices from other Android OEMs. The event should... Read more
Samsung To Make Virtual Reality Headsets
Samsung is about to enter another major new category: virtual reality headsets. It is rumoured by sources close to Samsung that a virtual reality headset is not only in the pipeline, but it is set to be announced later this year. But as usual, the official line from Korea is, “Samsung... Read more
Will Virtual Rooms Replace VR Headsets?
The latest buzz words in the gaming world is virtual reality.  The Facebook owned Oculus and the ‘Rift’ headset has gained momentum and popularity.  However, it is trying to overcome serious problems in order to truly gain a footing in the gaming world.  Motion sickness is the top issue... Read more
Virtuix VR Treadmill

Virtuix VR Treadmill

News April 30, 2014

Virtuix raised $1.1m during their Kickstarter campaign last year.  Now they have $3m seed investment to be added to that pot, to make a sizeable amount of funds with which to further the virtual reality field. One of the investors, Tekton Ventures, said regarding Virtuix: “We believe Virtuix’s virtual... Read more