There are all kinds of interesting accounts in the Twitter sphere (Twittersphere?) It seems everyone these days has a Twitter, from the President of the United States, to musicians, famous athletes, actors, and even the CIA of all organizations! While most of those are more serious accounts in nature, there are also some fairly unusual Twitter handles out there who want to make you laugh or who want to get you thinking about something. If you spend the time searching, you can probably find a Twitter account for just about everything under the sun, including the dictionary. One man by the name of Adam Parrish, who tweets under the name @everyword, recently finished tweeting out every. single. word. of the dictionary, and it only took him 7 years to do it.

@Everyword Tweets Every Word In Dictionary

Talk About Being Wordy!

Parrish began his quest while he was a graduate student when he set up the automatic Twitter feed to point out that Twitter could in fact be used for something useful. Over the years it gained massive popularity until he sent out the last word on 6/7/14, which was: “zymurgy”. If you have any idea what that word means without having to look it up, you’re better off than me.

In case you failed to take notice of @Everyword before he finished the dictionary, fear not. He is going to do it all over again using a completely different dictionary. He’s also going to revamp it to lower the chance of any kind of errors.

While I never followed this account, I can see its appeal. Who doesn’t want a bigger vocabulary?

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