French Rally car driver Guerlain Chicherit attempted to break the world record for the longest car jump on March 18th earlier this year. The idea was to clear a 360-foot jump across a gap than spanned between a steel ramp and a concrete landing. Preparations were made and 15 different parameters were calculated before Chicherit set off from the top of a snowy mountain, reaching speedsnof 160kmh.

However things did not go according to plan, with Chicherit’s car taking a sharp nosedive causing the car to flip over and roll. Although footage was released at the time of the accident by spectators,  the whole event was also captured on a GoPro camera from within the car and GoPro has just released new footage of the accident. Watch how Chicherit reacts as he realises it has gone wrong and then miraculously walks away unscathed!