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Roku Announces GoPro Channel
The action camera that all sports and high adrenaline junkies carry, GoPro, have just announced that they would be soon expanding their current platform and will be branching into media. GoPro are collaborating with Roku and they will be launching their very own Roku channel soon. The GoPro streaming channel... Read more
NHL Players Are Getting Fitted With GoPro Cameras
Growing up, I really enjoyed watching ice hockey. I’m sure this was due in part to a cousin’s obsession with the sport and all-things hockey, but the more I watched it the more I wanted to be out there on the ice. Alas – the closest I ever got... Read more
GoPro to Release Their Own Drone
The idea of capturing your own stunts and events has been at the forefront of the GoPro team since, well, they started really. GoPro is expanding from its business of making wearable video cameras. In line with the ever growing business of drones and drone related gadgetry, GoPro Inc.... Read more
Drone Captures Insane Video of Volcano Erupting!
While it’ll likely never happen safely, I’ve always wanted to witness a volcano erupting. Luckily, even when we can’t physically witness something, we live in the day and age when technology is able to come to our rescue time and time again. With the advent of drone technology, we’ve... Read more
Is HTC Going To Release A GoPro Rival?
HTC has been sending out invitations for its upcoming event scheduled for October 8th. The event, which will be held in New York, has been named ‘Double Exposure’ and now has the rumor mill back tracking. It was originally thought that HTC would use this even to release the... Read more
Take A Trip Into A Volcano With The Latest GoPro Video
GoPro has certainly given us new perspectives on some of the most extreme activites but here is a new one for you – exploring the inner workings of a volcano! This latest video comes from the Marum Volcano Expedition, where some very brave participants captured some extreme close up... Read more
Capture All The Action With A HEXO+ Autonomous Camera Drone!
The HEXO+ drone from the California-based company Squadrone System has just six days left to run its Kickstarter campaign, yet there is no concern over reaching the funding target, as $1,110,891 has been raised (at the time of writing), smashing the original $50,000 goal. What makes the HEXO+ stand... Read more
Failed World Record Jump Caught On GoPro
French Rally car driver Guerlain Chicherit attempted to break the world record for the longest car jump on March 18th earlier this year. The idea was to clear a 360-foot jump across a gap than spanned between a steel ramp and a concrete landing. Preparations were made and 15... Read more
GoPro Captures The Moment A Parachute Fails Above Sydney
A 27-year old Canadian skydiver has released footage of the moment his parachute failed, sending him into a violent spin as he plummeted towards the ground. The terrifying event occurred during a routine skydive over Wilton, south west of Sydney and was recorded on a GoPro headcam. After leaping... Read more
Fasten Your Seatbelts For The Craziest GoPro Videos Ever
GoPro makes wearable cameras for lovers of extreme sports. The most daring of sportspeople strap on their robust cameras and capture action videos from their own scary yet truly amazing perspective. We’ve picked out seven of our favourite and downright scary videos. Enjoy! Watch Kelly McGarry as he rides... Read more