For as popular of a title as Grand Theft Auto V was back in 2013, many gamers still felt a sense of frustration that the game was coming out on current consoles (Xbox 360, PS3) instead of being released with the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. And PC gamers perhaps felt the biggest sting of all, as the game wasn’t even released on that format for them to enjoy.

Those hurts could all be healed this fall though, if everything goes according to Rockstar’s plan. They recently announced during E3 2014 that Grand Theft Auto V will indeed be releasing for the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and here’s the surprise – it will release for the first time for the PC as well. (A petition which garnered around three quarters of a million signatures may have had something to do with the impending PC release).

Grand Theft Auto V Releasing On PC, Next Gen. Consoles

As far as a release date goes, all we know for sure right now is that it’ll be sometime later this fall.

One can also hope that this “re-release” will also give the game a bit of a graphics and performance boost, utilizing the more powerful hardware now available.

If you’re not familiar with the storyline, the game centers on three people committing all kinds of crimes around the town of San Andreas.

If you own a next-generation console, will you be repurchasing Grand Theft Auto V, or will you remain satisfied playing the older version of the game? Please let us know your thoughts regarding this story in the comments section below.

[Image via VR-Zone]