Macrium Reflect is a complete disaster recovery solution. You can protect your personal documents, photos, music and emails. With Macrium Reflect installed on your PC, you can upgrade your hard disk or try new operating systems, all the while safe in the knowledge that all of you data is securely saved in backup file, which is easy to use.  Macrium Reflect uses leading data compression techniques to create accurate and reliable images of your hard disk or partitions on your disk.

Macrium Reflect

The software backs up your system using Image and Restore wizards and interfaces. Macrium Reflect integrates fully with Windows Explorer, a partition image can be created with a simple right click. With Macrium Reflect you can also schedule Images to run at any time you want. Disk space management ensures that you optimize the available space on external drives.

You can create a ‘Virtual’ drive in Windows Explorer and then recover selected files and directories using simple copy and paste operations. If in the unfortunate event of a total loss of the Windows operating system, your PC can be started using the Reflect recovery CD.

Please note that beginning with version 5.2.6544 we are providing the Macrium Installer, which will automatically download the correct version for your PC. It will also download any necessary Windows components for you. You can get more information about this installer on the Macrium knowledge base.

The Following changes have been undertaken in this version of Macrium Reflect:

Cancel confirmation on Clone and Restore
A confirmation dialog has been added to prevent accidental cancelling of Clone and Restore operations.
Volume label added to the USB drop down when building rescue media
To aide detection of the correct USB media when building a bootable USB stick the Volume label of the drive has been added to the selection box.
Bug Fixes:
UEFI boot problem when shrinking a GPT partition.
Some customers have reported that when restoring and shrinking a UEFI booting system that the message “0x0000225 \winload.efi is missing”. This has been resolved.
If this issue affects you then please create fresh Windows PE rescue media after updating.
Windows 8.1 Event error for ReflectService.exe
The event “The description for Event ID 2 from source ReflectService cannot be found” was incorrectly posted to the Windows Event log in Windows 8.1. This has been resolved

You can download Macrium Reflect from today.

[Image via community.spiceworks]