Maxthon Cloud Browser is a very powerful tabbed browser that has a highly customizable user interface. The software is based upon Internet Explorer’s browser engine.  Maxthon Cloud Browser is very similar to IE but includes many additional features, which allows you to enjoy a more efficient browsing experience.

Key Features of Maxthon Cloud Browser:

Easy to use interface with a simple setup.  Maxthon Cloud Browser is highly customizable; you can swap, add, move, remove, and change the browser’s tool bars, icons, menus, colours, skins, and layout until it looks and operates the way you want it to.  Over 1,400 plug-ins are currently available.  Remote conferencing and screen capture facility.  Ad Hunter blocks harmful ads and images.

Maxthon Cloud Browser is fully customizable.

The following changes have been made in this version of Maxthon Cloud Browser:

Fixed bugs [Main Frame]
Optimized Toolbar. You can add plug-in toolbar ICONS [Webkit Core]
Unable to exit screenshot by pressing ESC.
An anomaly occurs when searching in the page with backspace sometimes.

You can download Maxthon Cloud Browser from today.

[Image via afterdawn]